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Whether you are a start-up or a fortune 100 company, you need to know where you are going. Even the most successfully managed businesses can sometimes find themselves in a situation when they get into trouble and need to bring in an Interim top-level management. Often, realistic and savvy business people underestimate the difficult challenges of successfully managing a troubled business.

In most instances, changes in both the internal and external business environments that bring a company to a crisis situation do not happen overnight. Typically, many subtle warnings occur well before the business crisis occurs.

Initially, pricing leverage shifts heavily to the customer, margins are squeezed, a key customer duel sources its needs with a competitor, internal business processes begin to falter, underlying assumptions on optimistic financial budgets are unrealistic or sales personnel lower pricing to meet the competition. Generally, as sales decrease or pricing decreases the situation worsens. We have  experience dealing and fixing all of these problems and more.

We provide hands on practical direction for your business.  If you are in need of interim management, solid business advice, or management turn-around triage, we are available to help. Our clients call us when they have something critically important that needs to get done.


On Wednesday September 212, 2012 we started our Business 101 series aimed at business owners and executives. This series will help you comprehend how to determine if starting and owning a business is right for you and the steps you must go through to make it all happen.

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